Why Choose Us?


Strong worldwide network

We are aiming for top suppliers. Nowadays we are doing business with top 5 recycle plastic suppliers in Europa, this means stable and reliable supply.


Wide assortment of products

We are well positioned to source virtually all types and grades of thermoplastic materials.


Outstanding efficient logistics

More than a decade back Sanjia started in the logistics, this know makes fast national and international collection and delivery of goods possible.


Long term relationship with multiple buyers

Reliable buyers, including top 3 LDPE producers and sorting plants in China. We only supply to end-users, not to trading companies.


Sanjia order desk

Just in time order management and arranging urgent loadings.


New business initiatives

We search and explore for new business opportunities in global markets.

International trading company of recyclable materials.


Sample image Sample image


Canvassing and evaluating suppliers to select the most reliable parties is our daily business.

Buying buying


We are dedicated to meet buyers requests and requirements as quantity, price and delivery.

qualitycontrol qualitycontrol

Quality control

We monitor the whole process from accepting the products to ensure the finest quality, sending and clearance and on time delivery to the buyer.

logistics logistics


We manage the logistics service in most flexible and fastest way for our customers.

paperwork paperwork

Efficient customs paperwork

Our network allows us to arrange all the necessary papers concerning the export inspection and customs in an efficient way.

new business new business

New businesses

We search and explore for new business opportunities in global markets.




Establishment Of SANJIA

Sanjia Netherlands was established in 2007.

SANJIA’s turnover reached 11 million

In 2013, SANJIA’s turnover reached 11 million EURO and will keep growing in the following years.

Establishment of Eteam S.A.S. (France)

We started our branch company in 2015, which only focus on the recycling business in France

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